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Chemicals Can Stay With You for 20 Years—Yikes!

Every so often you will see, read or experience something that shocks you into action. For me, it was hearing a medical doctor explain that chemicals found in beauty products can remain in your system for 20+ years. Oh, and that the United States has a very lenient approach to deciding which chemicals are safe. While European countries test ingredients before approving them, the U.S. assumes that an ingredient is ‘okay’ until the guinea pigs (you and me) find it to be harmful.

Yes, I had previously heard about the less than stellar FDA policies, the dangers of pesticides and the marketing lies of ‘natural’ products being natural. But for some reason, the facts shared in this EO (Entrepreneur Organization) podcast with Dr. Susan Wilder created an urgency, nearly a panic, to prioritize clean living. This new fear demanded significant changes and additional research in the following areas:

  1. Hair care products

  2. Body wash

  3. Toothpaste

  4. Deodorant

  5. My skin care routine

  6. Nail polish

  7. Sunscreen

  8. Cleaning products

  9. Clothing

  10. Sheets

In the spirit of not getting overwhelmed—and not breaking the bank—I am doing my best to prioritize, knowing that there is no way I can change everything all at once. I plan to focus first on the products that I used most regularly as they will likely run out the soonest. So tackling #1-5 for now—here we go! More blog entries to come!

Danielle Turner with organic cleaning products


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