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Wear the Glasses Before the Sleep Mask

And Enjoy the Benefits of Blue Light Filtering Glasses

I’m sure you have noticed the increase in screen time and device usage in our daily lives—after all, you are reading this right now on some type of device. And you may have heard of the potential adverse effects of blue light (coming from these devices) on your health—mainly eye strain and sleeping rhythms. A few months ago, was having a tough time falling asleep and learned that most health sites recommend stopping your screen time a couple hours before bed, likely because the blue light makes your body think it’s still daytime.

Before committing to giving up my smartphone, computer and TV in the evening, I decided to purchase some glasses that block and filter blue light. That seemed much easier ;-) I was skeptical that they would make much of a difference, but figured it was worth a shot to see if I could get more sleep while still being able to watch movies and check social media before bed.

I couldn't believe it—they actually worked! I was able to fall asleep MUCH faster. And I could use them with any device. It was so simple and seemed almost too good to be true. The glasses were a little nerdy, and it did take a few minutes to get used to how different everything looks them when first putting them on, but totally worth it.

Putting them on after dinner is now part of my nighttime routine. To help me to remember to wear them, I keep them next to the TV remote on the side table in a small container. And since have convinced even my husband to get a pair.

couple wearing blue light glasses on a computer

Proof that blue light filtering glasses work: My husband recently packed his on a trip to San Diego to visit family but forgot his sunglasses (much needed in Southern California).

I know that a lot of smartphones and computers have blue light filter settings so make sure you check to see if you can adjust them. I would also recommend trying to reduce your screen time before bed (or getting some glasses–ours were only $30 from Essential Living) or grab a book instead. 😉


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