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Organic Meal Delivery for the Win

On my quest to become healthier and eat organic whenever possible, I realized I needed to examine my weekly food delivery service. I had been ordering from Hello Fresh for 2 years and loving it—I finally knew what to cook for dinner AND was eating balanced meals that actually included vegetables. While their meals were fresh and delicious, their website admitted that not all their ingredients were organic.

Upon searching online for a whole 10 minutes, I found Green Chef, their partner company, that was committed to offering organic ingredients. I found out they delivered to my area, so I signed up and scored a discount for the first 3 weeks. I knew that after the promotion, it would cost an additional $3/meal/person (on the 3 meals a week for 2 people plan) or an additional $18/week than Hello Fresh.

So definitely more expensive :-/ but it seemed illogical to purchase organic groceries for the week, but not be consistent with meal delivery. Plus, my husband was on board, so we made the switch! It only took a few minutes to cancel my previous service, sign-up with Green Chef and personalize my preferences.

woman holding green chef organic food recipes

While I miss the variety of Hello Fresh, I have found Green Chef meals to be a little more wholesome and just as tasty. I look forward to Thursday delivery days and trying new dishes that are filling and that I feel good about eating.

If you want to eat more balanced/nutritious meals, are tired of eating the same things over and over, don’t like grocery shopping, or want to improve your cooking skills, I would recommend trying a meal delivery service near you. If you want to check out Green Chef, you can see if this discount code works.

Update: Occasionally, Green Chef includes some (very few) ingredients that are not organic in their orders, which are designated with a sticker.


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