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Taking Breaks During Your Workday

I previously committed to and wrote about the importance of taking breaks every 17 minutes. Unfortunately, the cadence didn’t work for me long-term. I found myself wanting to finish what I was in the middle of or not wanting to stop when I was ‘on a roll.’ Yet, I also found that I didn’t write or perform as well without taking breaks and would eventually hit a wall. After thinking about how to successfully incorporate breaks into my workdays, I decided to try focusing on task, not time.

Instead of taking breaks at certain time intervals, I took breaks after completing a task—such as finishing a blog draft, catching up on emails, or publishing a post. And it worked! I was much more consistent with taking mini breaks throughout the day. To maximize my breaks, I combined them with other healthy behaviors, such as stretching, taking deep breaths, going for a quick walk, taking a nap, drinking water, etc…. all while giving my eyes and brain a tech break.

If you’re searching for ways to ensure that you take breaks throughout your day, try focusing on natural ‘stops’ in your schedule. Consider adding breaks throughout your to-do list, or taking them after finishing smaller tasks or at strategic points during larger tasks.

However you do it, make sure to treat your mind (and body) well by giving it the rest that it needs. Hopefully you’ll start seeing positive results in your productivity and efficiency—and mental and physical health.

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