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What You Need to Build a Home Gym

If you’re looking for equipment to add to your workout room without breaking the bank, or hoping to find some extra space in your home to exercise, look no further.

Here is what I’ve found to be effective, affordable, multi-purpose and livable for building a comprehensive home gym in a small space:

Workout bench

Purpose: provides lying and seated back support for weight exercises, can hop/jump/step onto it, truly multi-purpose

Why I like this one: fairly lightweight, easily adjusts to different heights, includes storage

Exercise ideas: step ups, bench hop overs, chest presses, single-arm rows, incline pushups

Weight set

Purpose: allows you to store and access your weights in one area

Why I like this one: compact, affordable, sturdy, good variety of weights

Exercise ideas: scaptions, tricep extensions, deadlifts, bicep curls, side lunges


Purpose: strength training

Why I like these: easy to grip, nice color options, can supplement weight set

Exercise ideas: russian twists, shoulder presses, hammer curls, tricep kickbacks, reverse flys

Home gym equipment

Resistance bands

Purpose: resistance training, great add on to exercises

Why I like these: Lie flat, don’t roll or move around, keep their elasticity, basic colors

Exercise ideas: front arm raises, lateral and monster walks, hip bridges, side leg raises, donkey kicks

Stability ball

Purpose: promotes balance and stability, multi-use

Why I like this one: inexpensive, easily stores against wall or under bench, many color choices

Exercise ideas: supermans, sit ups, chest flys, stability push ups, reverse lunges

Floor mat

Purpose: creates a defined workout space, adds padding and cushion, protects floors

Why I DON’T like the one I purchased: the interlocking pieces shift and come apart—if you have any suggestions for a good floor mat, let us know below! I do like how it grips yoga mats.

Exercise ideas: yoga, strength and resistance training, cardio and HIIT exercises

If you are looking for workouts that can be done without any equipment, make sure to sign up here (they are free, don't require a lot of space, and are tailored to all fitness levels).

However and wherever you workout, I hope you are enjoying it and seeing some progress!



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