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5 Affordable Brands for Clean Living

If you’re looking for ways to live ‘clean’ without breaking the bank, have no fear—it is possible!

When I transitioned to using only clean, non-toxic household and beauty products, I was shocked at how expensive it was. And my husband was less than thrilled to say the least.

But as I kept researching and trying various brands, I was able to find affordable products that worked well.

Here are some brands that I’ve come to love, and don’t give me sticker shock:

  • Acure: A great ‘bang for your buck’ beauty brand. I have been impressed with everything I’ve tried so far (especially their matte moisturizer).

  • Pure Haven: While subscribers get good deals/discounts on household cleaners and cosmetics, I order just a couple of their less expensive items at a time through a representative.

  • Dr. Bronner: Arguably the most affordable and trustworthy brand for effective, high-quality products made with the strictest standards. Their coconut oil and self-care items are top notch.

  • Cocokind: After seeing so many raving reviews about the affordability and effectiveness of their skin care line, I ordered their toner and sunscreen.

  • 100% Pure: Some of their products are expensive, but they do have regular sales and great clearance options throughout the year. Because their products are sometimes out of stock due to ingredient shortages, make sure to stock up on your favorites. I am a big fan of their tea tree line, facial masks and serums, and lip gloss.

While clean, organic, non-toxic household and beauty products are often more expensive, there are some affordable brands out there. And of course, you can always go the DIY route and make your own products. It seems like vinegar, baking soda, clay, and essential oils are staples for a variety of homemade products. I’d love to hear what non-toxic, affordable brands and products you love. Let me know in the comments!



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