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Health & Wellness Tips with Fallyn

“You are ultimately responsible for what you put on, and in your body, and need to diligently educate yourself to determine what is actually healthy.”

I absolutely love Fallyn’s philosophy on health and am so thankful that she (in all her inner and outer beauty) spent HOURS with me sharing what she's learned about holistic, comprehensive wellness. All her tips and recommendations are tried and tested and have come from tons of research that she’s conducted over the years. Here are the ABC’s of how Fallyn keeps herself and her family healthy:


Advocate: With all of the conflicting health information and strong opinions out there, don’t get discouraged as you find your voice (or expect others to agree with you or understand your choices).

Acure: A great skin and hair care line that the entire family uses in one way or another.

Ancient Secret and ACV face mask: Get rid of acne by spot treating and clay masking (add a little Apple Cider Vinegar until the mixture is spreadable).


B vitamins: Essential for overall health and post-drinking recovery. Fallyn takes them daily along with spirulina and zinc. And she mixes MaryRuth’s liquid morning multivitamin mix with juice for her kids each morning.

Berkey water filter: A great way to keep water free from unwanted additives and chemicals. Her husband conducted lots of testing to confirm her research!

Beeswax candles: Truly non-toxic, 100% beeswax candles that get rid of pet, cooking and other unpleasant odors. They smell amazing while purifying the air (and are used sparringly since they are pricey).


Cut up and leave out fresh fruits and veggies to encourage healthy snacking. This works even with little kids! Fallyn also keeps chopped ingredients (like radishes and carrots) in the fridge that can be quickly added to salads.

Chamomile and lemon balm tea: These help her wind down at night to get her (almost!) 8 hours of sleep.

Coconut oil: Truly multipurpose: it moisturizes skin, soothes burns better than aloe, and heals scars/scrapes when mixed with honey. She also uses it as a hair mask and mixes it with argan and castor oils to protect her hair when styling (she does have thick, drier hair).

I would HIGHLY recommend that like Fallyn, you take ownership of your health and find what works for you. It takes time to be an informed health consumer, but if Fallyn can do it while home schooling and looking after her 6 kids, assisting her husband with work, hosting ongoing events at their home, and being there for her many friends, I think we can all find the time! Happy experimenting and researching!

Fallyn Cole and Matthew Cole family portrait


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