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Choose a Word, Not a Resolution

I am really excited to write this post as it’s the first time I’ll be choosing a word for the New Year. In past years, I typically make resolutions, but one of two things usually happens:

  1. I forget about them partway through the year (cough, in January or February), or

  2. I accomplish them, but at the cost of additional stress and pressure to check them off my list.

Obviously neither of these is ideal. That is why I am looking forward to selecting a word for the year ahead. My friend introduced me to the idea and I have recently been hearing more about it. Others seem to appreciate the change in perspective and find it beneficial.

The simple and amazing concept is this: Choose a word to remember throughout the coming year that reflects what you want to focus on. Then, as you live your life in 2021, you can think about your word every so often and refer to it when you are stuck debating what to do or how to proceed in a situation.

Oh, and make sure it’s only ONE word—as someone who kept trying to convince myself that I could have three words, I was gracefully reminded that one word is enough and probably more effective.

Some ‘word’ examples are: Patience, Rest, Boldness, New, Change, Giving, Stillness, Purposeful, Adapt, Boundaries, etc.

I encourage you to come up with your own word (if it sounds appealing to you)! This is NOT meant to replace your goals, what’s working for you, or what you’re excited about accomplishing next year. It’s just another option or something new to try.

For me, it WILL be replacing my New Year’s resolution! After some thought and much debate, my word for 2021 is LESS. What is yours? Tell us below!



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