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Less Is More – Simplify Your To-do List!

One of the first things on my to-do list this year was, ironically, reimagining my to-do list!

I chose ‘LESS’ as my word to focus on this year, in the hopes of prioritizing the things that matter most and not overscheduling or overcomplicating my days. To successfully incorporate this idea into my daily life in realistic and impactful ways, I knew I had to re-think and completely revamp my to-do list.

In watching a video from @lyndseyslifestyle, I was inspired to narrow my daily focus and responsibilities to only 3 items. After identifying the three most important things to get done for the day, I could then move less critical tasks into ‘later’ categories.

Here is how I plan on thinking about and organizing my to-do list this year:

  • Complete: Things that matter most or are most time-sensitive (1-3 items that I want or need to accomplish that day)

  • Consider: Things that require attention but are less urgent (1-3 extra items that can be moved to tomorrow/done later; tasks perfect for days where I have a ‘second wind’ or am feeling extra productive)

  • On-deck: Things on my radar but that are optional (1-5 bonus items for when I feel inspired or am ‘crushing it’; may be rewards for finishing tasks, ideas to look into, or smaller segments of long-term goals)

Disclaimers/Reminders to self: There will be days that require doing more than 3 things, and that is okay (this approach is meant to be flexible). Expect to have differing levels of productivity each day. There will be items that don’t need to be on the list that you will do anyway—focus on being strategic. And this is a trial, so be open to changing and evolving the categories, number of items, timeline, etc. until you find what works best!

To-do list with categories

I would encourage you to come up with your own system that gives you the freedom and flexibility to approach each day feeling victorious at what you accomplish (and not overwhelmed or consumed with a never-ending to-do list).

Here are some other categories for inspiration:

  • Tackle/Sideline/Voluntary

  • Today/Tomorrow/Another day

  • Top 3/Next 3/Extra 3

  • Entrée/Side dish/Dessert

  • Know I Can/Think I Can/Hope I Can

  • Realistic/Likely/Aspiration

  • Priority/Approaching/Postpone

It’s important to remember that we don’t perform at our best each day. And to learn that to-do lists will never be completely done. I look forward to the day when I fully believe and understand this 😉 and can have a healthier mindset and to-do list strategy.



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