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Expect More from Your Hair Color

With all the focus on organic hair products, why isn’t there more of a demand for organic professional hair color, which happens to be stronger and stays on your hair longer?

Now that I am (finally! And proudly!) using organic shampoo and conditioner, I realize how ridiculous it is to dye my roots with harsh chemicals every 4-5 weeks and then care for my hair with organic-only products. I began searching for a safer alternative to ‘traditional’ hair color (since going gray gracefully was not one) with fewer stripping agents and natural ingredients.

My Experience Finding Healthier Hair Color

After researching what was available—and what actually worked—I discovered two professional hair coloring brands: Aveda and Madison Reed. I had previously worked at an Aveda salon out of beauty school (shout out to the amazing Fusion 3 crew) and knew that their professional hair color was a step above the rest in terms of ingredient choice and sustainability.

I had not yet heard of and was pleased to learn that Madison Reed (MR) had a similar philosophy. Plus, there was a MR salon less than 5 minutes from my condo and the prices were reasonable. I learned that were shipping at-home color kits during the 2020 quarantine and I ordered one immediately.

Madison Reed hair coloring kit

The kit included the items I needed for a root-touch up (e.g., color, gloves, cap) as well as detailed instructions. As recommended, I left the color on an extra 10 minutes to cover the grays—and it turned out beautifully. Oh, and bonus: my scalp didn’t burn like it normally does when color is on my roots.

I am officially a convert and challenge all who read this to ask your hair stylist to purchase color and developer with healthier ingredients or to visit a salon that already does so. After all, hair dye is going directly on your scalp and is staying on your hair rather permanently. If you prefer to DIY and want to try MR, know that you can call or email a color specialist who will help you pick the right color. And feel free to use this link or contact me directly for $15 off. Visiting an Aveda concept salon is another way to ensure that higher-quality hair dye is being used on your hair—although it might be more expensive.

Update: Consistently using ‘cleaner’ hair color and at-home products has resulted in my hair growing much faster (a healthy sign), requiring root touch-ups every 3-4 weeks, versus the previous 5 weeks. So be aware and get ready!


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