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Fitness: Find Your Thing

The best workout routine is the one that you’ll stick with. So make sure it is something that:

  • You actually enjoy,

  • Works with your schedule, and

  • Helps you work toward your health goals.

These 3 things will help ensure that you successfully incorporate fitness into your lifestyle long-term.

Too often we think fitness has to look a certain way. Or we might try the newest craze only to give up and default to doing what we’ve always done. As much as I like structure and routine, I have gone through different phases of how I workout based on what fits into my schedule and what I’m enjoying.

It has been especially challenging with Covid to stay motivated, come up with new fitness goals, and adapt to gym closures and mask mandates. But it has allowed me to expand my approach to exercise and transition into new areas.

I encourage you to try new things until you find something that sticks and excites you: indoor workouts, outdoor workouts, with others, solo, something new/out of your comfort zone, with a trainer, etc. As long as you’re getting your heart rate up, moving, and getting in some resistance training, you’re on your way to a healthier and more enjoyable life. Don’t worry too much about what has or hasn’t worked in the past or what you ‘should do.’ Give yourself permission to make changes, switch it up, and/or take a break.

For your physical, mental and emotional health, commit to finding (or re-finding) your thing, and making fitness a life-long, enjoyable habit. How do you like to exercise?



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