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Opening a Home Gym During Lockdown

And finding balance in a new fitness routine...

One of my dreams has always been to have a home gym. I loved the idea of having the convenience and flexibility to squeeze in a workout whenever I had extra time. I looked forward to the day when I could turn a garage or spare room into a fitness area. However, it turns out that when all the gyms around you shut down, you can immediately find the space you need for a home gym—even in a small condo like mine. Who needs a desk anyway?! While my new gym is far from perfect—as there is no room for cardio machines—it works for now and I am thankful for the equipment that I have.

The invaluable lesson from a forced quarantine/lockdown and the transition to a home gym is that I realized how narrow my exercise habits had become. My 5 days a week at the Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) studio were replaced with running outdoors, yoga, barre, and OTF-at-home workouts on YouTube, resulting in an entirely new workout routine.

Home gym workout area

I quickly learned that running outside was MUCH more difficult than on a treadmill, and that I was not as flexible or as strong as I thought I was. The changes to my new fitness approach allowed me to become much more limber, develop a stronger core, and taught me how refreshing it is to exercise in nature. But most importantly, I learned the importance of a balanced fitness approach... even if it means working out in an area the size of your yoga mat.

Upon further reflection, I recognized how my obsession with Orange Theory had resulted in minor injuries from overtraining, repetitive movements and not enough rest. While I am REALLY looking forward to returning to OTF, I am thankful for the shutdown and my new workout space as it broadened my perspective on fitness and improved my wellness. As soon as OTF reopens, I plan on going twice a week (instead of 5+ times) and replacing the other days with things I don’t love as much but that give me healthier results. Now, just waiting for gyms to re-open and to workout under the orange lights again...


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