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How to Get Good Sleep While Traveling

I have been on the road a lot recently… to the point where I miss my tiny condo, annoying HOA, and loud neighbors.

It has been challenging to get good sleep while staying at various hotels and traveling across time zones, but I’ve found some simple ways to adapt and improve my rest time.

Here are some (hopefully helpful) tips to sleep well while traveling:

  • Bring a sleep mask to use on flights and in bright hotel rooms

  • Plan out your sleep schedule (consider how long you will be somewhere and how much you want to adapt your sleep/wake times)

  • Wait 90 minutes to consume caffeine after waking up to maximize its effects

  • Look for hotels that have bathtubs to unwind at night

  • Pack an essential oil or relaxing room spray to use before bed

  • Unplug any devices (such as alarm clocks) that produce light in hotel rooms and/or pack painters’ tape to conceal unwanted light from devices (such as wall thermostats)

  • Wear blue light blocking glasses diligently in the evenings

  • Short naps during the day are your friend!

  • Be mindful of what and when you eat - limit alcohol and caffeine later in the day

  • Stay at hotels with fitness centers or accessible outdoor trails… and make the time to hit the gym or go for a walk/run outside

  • Wind down and stretch with nighttime yoga or meditation sessions

  • Book flights (whenever possible) that don’t mess up your sleep schedule, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can sleep on planes

  • Ask hotels for extra pillows and blankets if needed, and keep the thermostat at a cooler, comfortable temperature at night

There is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed! But until you get there, I hope you find ways to get some rest on the road.



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