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Key to a Healthy Workplace

I Love Micromanagers! Said NO ONE EVER!! But I get it, I like to be in control too.

Laptop, coffee and a notepad

For months, I experienced work-related anxiety, which eventually led to my first panic attack. It was terrifying. I wasn’t able to catch my breath and it took me forever to calm down. I felt completely out of control, scared, stressed and uncertain, not knowing if another one would happen since the first one came out of nowhere.

Thankfully I was able to take a mental health leave of absence, but ideally, I wouldn’t have experienced such a toxic environment (where I felt trapped and powerless) in the first place. I believe we could significantly improve corporate culture, where people felt empowered and satisfied in their roles, if everyone took notes from Dan’s impactful Ted Talk (see link below).

If you are a manager, in leadership, have a difficult time delegating, or want a persuasive case for autonomy in the workplace, make sure you watch this.


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