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Mindful Eating: 5 Tips to Love Your Food

You only turn 40 once! This mindset is what convinced my husband (and myself) to splurge on a road trip up the East Coast. And yes, it was a once in a lifetime vacation! In between working and driving, we were able to experience pristine beaches in Florida, alligators in the Everglades, breathtaking views of Niagara falls, the picturesque harbors of Maine, and let’s not forget the food! Key lime pie, avocado toast, Cuban cuisine, seafood and ‘everything lobster’ will all be greatly missed (see photo below).

Knowing that the month would fly by, I did my best to live in the moment and enjoy it. I had read something from @balancemadesimple that stuck with me during my trip and allowed me to fully experience the delicious meals. I practiced being more mindful of what I was eating by taking a few breaths before diving in, and then thoroughly chewing my food. While I didn’t count the number of chews, I savored each bite and was able to make my meals last much longer.

So while I definitely did not eat as healthy as I normally do (being on vacation and all!), I was able to enjoy the memorable foods and desserts slowly and guilt-free. I am hoping to carry some mindful eating practices into my ‘real life’ now that I’m back and have a more normal eating schedule. I love the idea of:

  • Taking a few deep breaths before each meal and intentionally slowing down.

  • Chewing my food until it becomes almost-nothing—it’s recommended that you chew each bite 20-40 times 😮.

  • Eating away from devices, screens and other distractions.

  • Thinking about food as nourishment and fuel for my body, instead of scarfing it down or engaging in mindless snacking.

  • Setting my utensils down every once in a while to take a break and appreciate my meal.

Not only will these tips improve my digestion (thank you for the tips Andrea!), but they’ll allow me to savor every bite and develop a healthier mindset around nutrition! In this way, I hope to treat each day like vacation and be in the moment when eating delicious things (even if it’s something I made) 😉.

Favorite vacation meals: Avocado toast, Cuban cuisine, Seafood/Lobster grilled cheese, and Pie.
Vacation meal favorites



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