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Setting Your Environment Up for Success

The most life-changing takeaway I learned about behavior change is that we often overlook our physical environment, which ironically can be the most impactful and effective way to begin or change habits.

For example, I used to tell my husband hundreds of times not to use my workout towels for his construction projects around the house. And to my continual frustration, he would forget (or not listen in the first place) and stain or wreck them. After finishing the book ‘Influencer,’ I simply started putting my favorite towels behind the towels that I wanted him to use. He hasn’t used my workout towels since.

When you are making wellness goals or forming healthy habits, don’t forget to think about how you can adapt and maximize your environment to succeed. Here are some examples that might give you ideas:

  • Lifestyle: If you need to take breaks during your workday, set an alarm across the room that makes you get up and stop working. Put a vision board where you can regularly see it to motivate you toward accomplishing your goals.

  • Mindfulness: Setup a relaxing corner (e.g., pillows, yoga mat, etc.) that you pass by in the mornings, or nearby your work desk to entice you to spend some time there. Place a journal next to your bed to remind yourself to jot down your thoughts as you unwind.

  • Fitness: Create a playlist that you start listening to right at the end of your workday (or before you want to workout in the AM) that gets you pumped! I also like to wear my workout clothes around the house until I get them sweaty.

  • Nutrition: Make fruits and vegetables visible (e.g., put them in the front of the fridge, cut them up and put them on the counter). And create a designated place in your home to eat your meals away from distractions.

  • Clean Living: Download the ThinkDirty app for times you’re on the go and aren’t able to research the toxicity of products before making a purchase. Get rid of any ‘unclean’ household or beauty products so you’re not tempted to use them.

  • Beauty: If you’re sometimes too tired to wash your face at night, keep facial wipes next to your bed for times when ‘something is better than nothing.’ Carry lip gloss, perfume, or other small items in a cosmetics bag for when you’re on the go and need a refresh.

  • Rest: Create a nighttime routine—put out some relaxing tea, blue light blocking glasses, and calming essential oils in noticeable places. Set an alarm for 2 hours before bedtime to stop working or doing anything mentally strenuous so you can fall asleep.

Creating a conducive environment can help you to achieve your goals, improve your health and set you up for success. Let’s make life a little easier on ourselves!



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