The Dangers of Chewing Gum

. . . and my quest to find a healthy, viable option.

I didn’t realize how addicted I had become until my nephew jokingly compared my gum cravings to cigarettes when I begged his parents to drive me to the nearest gas station so I could ‘get a pack right away.’ I always carry around gum in my purse, and chew two pieces at a time, multiple times a day. Yes, it is an expensive habit.

Danielle Turner blowing a bubble with chewing gum

Flash forward to my wellness journey and trying to live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. I knew that gum contained sugar and other not-so-good ingredients—like aspartame, the preservative BHT, and harmful chemicals labeled as ‘gum base’—but I hadn’t been able to find any good alternatives in the past. I committed to searching again, hopeful that I could find something comparable to my favorite brand (that lasted forever, had yummy flavors and allowed me to blow bubbles).

Unfortunately, all the natural and organic gums I tried left me disappointed—their flavors didn't last very long and they would quickly harden and become tough to chew. I guess it makes sense that natural ingredients break down and don't allow you to smack your gum for an hour. The best non-toxic option I found was Simply Gum… but maybe there is a ‘healthy gum’ that I haven’t heard of before (if so, PLEASE share below!!)?

For now, I have committed to purchasing and transitioning to less toxic brands. If you frequently chew ‘traditional’ gum, make sure to check the list of ingredients and consider reducing your consumption and/or switching to a cleaner brand. Even if you miss it (like I do), ingesting harmful chemicals, even in small amounts, is not worth it. Hopefully one day soon I’ll finally have the desire and willpower to give up one of my favorite vices.