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Why You Are Tired When You Start Exercising

If you are working out and want to give up after a couple minutes because you feel like you’re dying, Don’t Stop—it gets easier! This is scientifically true, I promise. I could never understand why I would get so tired from running or rowing after just one or two minutes. I assumed I was tired, out of shape, stressed out, or had too many (organic) Cheetos. I was very pleased to learn that it wasn’t any of these things—there is an explanation for having a ‘second wind.’

Anytime you begin exercising, your body first uses the energy supply most available—sugar, or glucose. Your body then shifts from an anaerobic state (not requiring oxygen) to metabolizing energy in a more systematic (aerobic) process that uses oxygen. This method is more efficient for your body but takes a couple of minutes to kick in. As this takes place, your body settles into a rhythm of metabolizing energy and adapting to working hard—basically, a second wind to keep you going.

So when you’re doing cardio, turn up the music for the first song and before its over you will have made it past the toughest part of the workout. Then the 'easy' part comes. Enjoy!

woman going up steps in running shoes



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