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Don’t Disrupt Your Health with Fragrance

I sure love the lingering scent of a woodsy cologne, floral perfume, or sweet body lotion. And am secretly thankful for guys who wear way too much Axe body spray. But on a more serious note, I would caution against wearing perfume or cologne altogether…UNLESS you have done your research and found one without harmful ingredients or hidden fragrances.

Unfortunately, regulations allow beauty companies to hide hormone disrupters, preservatives, and harmful chemicals under the guise of their proprietary ‘fragrance’ label. Scary, I know!

After throwing away two fairly expensive bottles of perfume, I embraced the challenge of finding a non-harmful spray that I could feel good about wearing. While shopping for gifts at Anthropologie, I ran across a Skylar perfume starter set that was affordable and included a variety of scents. I picked up an extra one for myself to try (strictly for research purposes of course 😉).

Danielle Turner spraying Skylar perfume

To my surprise, I absolutely loved every tester in the pack. The fragrances were light, refreshing and (I think) smelled good on me. My only complaint was that the perfumes didn’t last the entire day, likely because they didn’t include the chemicals and preservatives that I was used to. I plan on purchasing larger sizes of my favorites and trying some of Skylar’s new scents too, with the intention of re-spritzing throughout the day. I also recently discovered The 7 Virtues sampler at Sephora and am excited to try out some of their heavier-scented perfumes—and to support their mission.

If you have any brands of clean fragrances that you would recommend, PLEASE let me know below! I look forward to finding my new signature scent!


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