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Learning to Love Oils

As an esthetician, I fundamentally know that certain essential oils are good for your skin. But as a woman who constantly struggles with acne, they scare me to death. However, after running across this great website, I was able to figure out which oils were best for my oily skin (and least likely to cause breakouts), and I committed to trying a few.

Honestly, even some of the ‘safe’ oils caused my face to breakout, but thankfully I found other great ways to utilize them in my health and beauty routine.

My favorite ways to use essential oils:

  • Argan oil to nourish split ends and cuticles

  • Rosehip oil to brighten dark spots and dull skin

  • Lavender oil drops to scent baths (ideally with Epson salt!)

  • Lemon or eucalyptus oil on toenails to prevent athlete’s foot

  • Saje oil blend (peppermint and camphor) to soothe tired or overworked muscles

  • Any oil on high-friction areas to prevent chafing (insides of thighs, above arm band, etc.)

To make sure I remember to use essential oils, I put them in visible places throughout my home. There is a brainstorming oil on top of my desk, a lavender spray in my nightstand, and a handful in my beauty drawer. Thankfully, even someone with a previous paranoia of oil (like myself) can enjoy the health benefits of using the right ones with a little research and experimentation.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, I suggest the following when applying essential oils:

  1. Use sparingly on your face to prevent shine or limit application to drier patches,

  2. Make sure to use non-comedogenic oils so they won’t clog your pores, and

  3. Spot test beforehand to see if they cause breakouts.

I’m looking forward to learning how you use essential oils in the comments! What are your favorite beauty tips and tricks?



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