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Quest for the Perfect Skin Care Routine

I finally had it—looking in the mirror and seeing zits. I could not believe that I was still breaking out at 40 ☹. My lifetime struggle and pursuit of clear skin has included Accutane (twice), medications from the dermatologist, hundreds of products and supplements, facials/peels/laser treatments, and reading (annoying) reviews of others’ success with products. Since committing to living as healthy and ‘clean’ as possible, I knew I had to stop using skin care products that contained toxic, harsh chemicals and transition to a new routine.

I dreaded the long and painful road ahead of finding organic/clean/non-toxic products that worked (or at least allowed me to somewhat manage my acne). I began researching what felt like every organic skin care line and product offering. I scoured ingredients, read endless customer reviews, and visited hundreds of sites in search of effective products for my oily and acne-prone skin. Price was also a big consideration as my husband was less than pleased with me purchasing and trying MORE beauty products. After much trial and error, here are the products that I found to work and not break the bank (too much):

While I didn’t find a miracle product, these products work fairly well in managing my acne and keeping my oily/combination skin under control. Disclaimer: I still use the (very non-clean) erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide topical solution from my doctor as a nightly spot treatment—sometimes western medicine is necessary 😉.

Best of luck on your beauty, skin care and self-care journeys!



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