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A Yummy Way to Use a Mug: Chocolate & Banana Cake!

What is better than chocolate and banana cake?

A chocolate and banana cake that . . .

  • takes only a few minutes to make,

  • is healthy enough to pass for breakfast,

  • really fills you up,

  • can be baked in a mug,

  • produces minimal mess,

  • and can be topped with peanut butter for a heavenly and nutritious indulgence!

I ran across this amazing recipe when searching for gluten-free baking treats. It was the perfect way to start expanding my repertoire and experimenting with different kinds of flour and ingredients (oils, milks, sugars, etc. in the hopes of learning to use healthy alternatives in baked goods).

After sending my husband to the store (with a very UNfamiliar list), I was able to make this mug cake in under 10 minutes—including reading the recipe, measuring and mixing all the ingredients, and heating the cake in the microwave.

Ingredients for chocolate and banana mug cake

I had no idea what to expect, especially since I substituted quinoa flour with almond flour since we couldn’t find any at Whole Foods. Thankfully it turned out nicely! I liked the texture and felt good about eating something with more fruit, protein and fiber than most desserts. I then had the idea of topping the cake with peanut butter and enjoyed it with a cold glass of milk—absolutely delicious! I highly recommend a similar approach!

Chocolate and banana mug cake

I plan to continue learning how to make small, healthy adjustments when baking and cooking, and look forward to sharing recipes that are tasty and not too difficult 😉. If you have a chocolate craving and need a simple and guilt-free option, give this a try and let me know what you think. Enjoy!



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