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Biggest Bang for your Buck Health Habits

There is no shortage of health information out there. With an endless number of recommendations and changes you can make, it can be helpful to focus on a few things at a time (or even just one thing).

Here are the habits that have made the biggest difference in my health while requiring the least amount of effort:

  1. Waking up at the same time each day

  2. Getting sunlight first thing each morning

  3. Drinking plenty of water—with fruit or veggies for flavor!

  4. Keeping phone out of reach from the bed

  5. Limiting time spent on social media and watching the news

  6. Making healthy foods accessible (keeping fruits and veggies visible; not purchasing unhealthy snacks)

  7. Wearing blue light glasses in the evening

  8. Using clean, non-toxic beauty and self-care products (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, facial products, and makeup)

  9. Ordering meal delivery kits offering healthy, balanced dishes

  10. Acknowledging 3 things to be thankful for each morning and evening

I encourage you to give one or two a try (if you haven’t already!). And if you have any ‘work smarter, not harder’ tips, please share in the comments below so that we can live our best and healthiest lives. A bunch of small and consistent habits can really add up!



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